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About Victoria

It all started when she was little...Building dollhouses and furniture, rearranging her parents' house, and sewing clothes for her friends and their dolls. Always passionate about fashion trends and decorating.  

Fast forward, a few decades and she is still doing the same things just on a larger scale. Decorating and designing spaces, revamping wardrobes, transforming your style, and everything in between! She does it all! Why? Because she LOVES it!

Victoria is also an extremely knowledgeable and handy lady. Her success in managing and training contractors is due to her knowledge and skills. From Painting, wallpapering, and carpentry, she is a true builder. 

Victoria has lived in various places such as Asia, Europe, and all across Canada. She shares the good fortune of meeting many amazing people and creating great relationships along the way. While she enjoys traveling, she makes the most of the cultures and makes it a point to gather beautiful and unique items and ideas to incorporate into her projects. It is important to her how you feel about yourself and the image you project outwards.

She aspires to make your vision a reality and make your home your favorite place on earth.

Some words from Victoria

Hello and welcome to my site, I am so thrilled you're here! My goal is to share my wonderful journey in life with you all through living a fabulous life. We all deserve to love ourselves and our personal spaces, and I am here to guide you there. In the overwhelming world we live in, my goal is coaching people to bring the spotlight back to themselves. Our new goal at the London Syler is to expand and share all of our life tricks with our clients and visitors to our site. Everything from our favorite stores, products, styles, colors, recipes, and life hacks! I hope you will all find our site useful and informative. I love challenges, so feel free to contact us regarding anything you would like us to post or address. 

Knowledge and Experience should be shared by all for all, to make our connections on our beautiful earth unite as one.


About Shanelle

Design Assistant & Photographer

Shanelle has been Victoria's trusted right-hand lady since 2018, she is an amazing and talented photographer, designer, and overall hardworking individual. Victoria is very proud of Shanelle's growth in the company and in life. She brings a wonderfully fresh and youthful perspective to all of the projects. And wins everyone's heart with her kindness.  

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About Lisa-Renee

Owner of Lisa Renee Interiors

Meet my dear friend and trusted colleague Lisa Renee. I feel very blessed to be working with such a talented and seasoned designer.

Lisa Renee has been a staple in London and Area Real Estate since 2015, she brings incredible knowledge of staging and design to the industry. She works with homeowners, Real Estate agents, and investors to transform even the most dated properties into clean, bright, and welcoming homes.

Her talents extend from the smallest closets, condos to luxurious estates. She is a phenomenal asset to home sellers and agents!

Lisa Renee is continuously pushing the creative boundaries of design, creating very sophisticated spaces. Whether you are selling or staying, she will make you fall in love with your space. She is truly passionate about re-inventing spaces.

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